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Personal, Social, Health and Economics Education


Our Mayville PSHE curriculum will teach children; life skills, behaviours and attitudes, in order to thrive in the challenges of an ever-changing world. Children will be taught about the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships and health including puberty. The knowledge and attributes gained will support their own and others’ wellbeing and achievements; enabling them to become successful and happy adults who make a meaningful contribution to society.


PSHE is taught on a weekly basis during an allocated timetable slot across all year groups. We follow the 1 Decision scheme recommended by Waltham Forest. Within the scheme, learning is mapped out resulting in clear progression and the building upon prior knowledge. The lesson are adapted and enhanced where necessary to meet the individual needs of the pupils. Alongside the scheme, we have worry boxes in every classroom and a class PSHE display which reflects current learning. Work is recorded in floor books in EYFS and 1 Decision topic books across the rest of the school. Lessons provide opportunity for discussion and teachers are trained to deliver subject matters that are more sensitive.


Through the effective teaching of PSHE children will be able to communicate their feelings effectively using appropriate language. They will show mutual respect and empathy towards others and participate respectfully in discussions. Children will understand how to keep themselves safe and identify potential dangers in their environment, They will know what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and how to make healthy choices including how to look after their own and others well-being. Children will understand what positive relationships look like and what appropriate behaviour is. Children will develop themselves as individuals and understand their role and responsibilities in their school and the wider community.