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Global Partnerships

Global Scholars

Taking it Global has now changed to Global Scholars

A Global Scholar is a student of the world who communicates with other students across continents and oceans, takes an active interest in local and global issues, and makes positive contributions to his or her community.

Global Scholars are middle school students and classes around the world!

Global Scholars is run by Global Cities, Inc., a non-profit organization based in New York City. 

They have created the Global Scholars program to connect young people internationally and encourage them to think critically about city issues from personal, local and global perspectives.

In Mayville school, we  collaboration with students from Ho Chi Minh City, Libreville, London, Melbourne, Mumbai, New York City, Paris, Toronto and Warsaw.  Children will share their opinions and findings through blogging, pictures and videos.

The topic we are covering now is My Meal Matter. In this unit, we will take a look at global health issues facing our world today.  We will investigate not only the causes of these issues, but also some possible solutions and how they are being put into effect in our own city.

Units covered in previous years include

  1. Food from different cultures (2011-2012)

Children looked at different recipes from different countries. They then made a model of their own stall. They had to consider using renewable energy sources to power their stall. They also created their own recipes which included the Pimolim-(specific measures of pineapple, mango and lime juice).  Children sold this cocktail during the schools summer fete and it was very popular. The decorated their stall with posters of their products.

  1. Creating an activity centre (2013-2014)

Children created their plan for an activity centre and made a business plan to present to investors. The visitors from USA –Taking it Global came to see the work the children had done and they were thrilled.

  1. Theatre and plays (2015-2016)

Children transformed the playground to a theatre by adding props they created themselves. They them wrote a sketch and acted it out. They invited year ones to their ‘Theatres' by giving them tickets. It was a great performance.