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Mayville Primary School

Mayville Primary School

Working together in the pursuit of excellence for all
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Pupil Leadership Team

Mayville Primary School has an active pupils 'Leadership Team' which works hard to represent the views of the pupils throughout the school. The school is keen to ensure that pupils’ opinions are listened to and acted upon wherever possible.

The 'Leadership team'  is an elected body of pupils, with two class representatives from classes 3 to 14. They meet with class teachers on a regular basis, providing feedback from Leadership meetings and report back to Ms K the Headteacher.  The 'Leadership team' also helps to organise campaigns and fund-raising activities throughout the year. 

Leadership Team

Senior Leaders:

Class 9 - Haroon and Maja 

Class 10 - Teslim  and Mariam 

Class 11 - Raluca and Tiann 

Class 12 - Shanae and Nikodem 

Class 13 - Brandon  and John

Class 14 - Iman and Oliwia 


Middle Leaders:

Class 3 - Amy and Omar 

Class 4 - Carolina and Yusef 

Class 5 - Korliyah and Szymon 

Class 6 - Rayan  and Luchia 

Class 7 Shaquil and Sinead 

Class 8 - Kaya and Dimitar 


The elected councillors are usually taken to the Houses of Parliament to see ‘Democracy in Action’ and learn how they should represent their own ‘constituencies’.

Leadership Team Visiting 'Houses of Parliament.'

Meeting our local MP John Cryer

Councillors meet once a week to discuss matters and projects both in and out of school. They take issues to and from their classes for ideas and suggestions.

In previous years, the School Council have taken part in ‘Make a Difference Challenge,’ raising funds and campaigning against real bearskins being used for soldiers’ helmets and to help stray dogs and Battersea Dogs’ Home.

Children enjoying our new exercise park that the leadership picked for the playground


This year, the School Council have already organised activities on ‘Children in Need Day,’ for which they raised over £800 and are now involved with UNICEF; undertaking their ‘Day for Change’ and other fund-raising for children who are living in need, in places like Syria.

Children receiving their leadership badges.

The school has also joined with an organisation called ‘Free the Children’ who are working with the Mayor of London to encourage young people to volunteer – becoming ‘Young London Ambassadors’.  At present, school councillors are leading this and we are working with the Salvation Army to support local people who are ‘struggling’ and with Councillors from Waltham Forest to tackle issues that children have with local safety and well-being.

Leadership Team Playing in the school's 'Friendship room' which they raised money for from their

event 'Friendship Friday'

All this is on top of councillors taking issues, which children are concerned about in school to the head teacher, Ms Russell or other staff members.  Their latest success is to have successfully lobbied for new play equipment, which Ms Russell and the governors have happily seen provided.

A representative from Haven House collecting the Money raised from our last film night

The journey so far!

We are once again entering the House of Commons, Speaker’s Award for School Councils this year.