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Headteacher's Welcome Back


Welcome back to all of our Mayville families, we hope that you had a wonderful summer, filled with lots of rest
and relaxation.

The start of the term has been extremely busy as we welcome our new nursery and reception children,
alongside all of our Mayville children . The staff and I have been delighted to see how well our children have
settled back into school life. As I walk around our school going into classes, it’s lovely to see how engaged and
busy at work our children are; it is evident that they are enjoying their learning.

Covid update

As stated in my previous newsletter, many of the Covid measures put in place will remain in place until the half
term. We will continue with the staggered start and finish times until after half term, and review it then with
the hope of going back to a 9am start across most year groups. We ask that parents continue to wear masks if
they have to come into the school office. We also hope to slowly reintroduce extra curricular clubs for
children, so please look out for information regarding this before the half term.

Welcome new teachers and children

We would like to welcome all of our new staff to Mayville; it is great to see how quickly everyone has settled
into school. I would also like to welcome all of our new children who have joined in different year groups this

P.E Lessons

Please follow the timetable below of your child’s P.E day . On your child’s P.E day, they will need to come to
school in their P.E kit, and they will go home in their P.E kit at the end of the day. It is important to ensure that
all children wear the correct clothing, a white t shirt no shirts with logos) black shorts/tracksuit bottoms and
white trainers or plimsolls.

Entrance - (Year 3 Year 6)

I am aware of how difficult the drop off and pick up has become at the Year 3 Year 6 entrance. This week, a
parent crossing with his child was almost run over by one of our parents driving their car. Firstly, if possible, try
not to park on this road. It would be better to find alternative parking on a neighbouring road and then walk to
the gate. If this is not feasible, then please ensure that you are paying close attention whilst you are driving
into or out of the road. It is essential that we work together to keep our families safe.

Birthday Treats

Previously we had stopped children bringing in treats to school to celebrate their birthdays. However, this year we will resume this practice, but in a Covid safe way. Children can bring in individual cupcakes, (no large cakes
will be allowed); they can also bring individually wrapped sweets. Please be mindful of our no nut policy and
ensure no pork resin is being used in any items you bring. If the birthday treats do not follow our guidelines,
then they will be returned unopened.

Curriculum maps

Please look out for curriculum maps going home next week.
Curriculum maps give you an overview of what your child will be learning in the coming weeks. It also allows you to support your child at home.

Intervention groups

Next week you will receive a letter regarding after school maths/English interventions . These interventions are
targeted, so if you do not receive a letter this term, then do not worry as throughout the course of the year
almost every child will be part of an intervention at some point.